Water is a critical factor of good health.
Your body is 70% water.
However, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides and more are found in our tap water.
Luckily, Carico removes up to 99.9% of impurities.

Carico’s Water Filtration Systems offer a complete line of advanced filters, for total protection against a variety of contaminants. We have a filter for every need. From the various points of use, to your shower, bath, to all rooms in your home, Carico has a solution for you. Exceptional Warranty available.

Carico’s Whole House Ultra Tech Water Treatment and Filtering System. . .

Carico’s ULTRA TECH water filters combine the time tested technologies of ancient civilization with today’s space age discoveries to bring the customer the ultimate tested and proven product. Carico water filtration system has a high quality system that you can trust to turn tap water into a crystal clear flow of healthful, fresh tasting water for all your household needs… at the touch of your fingertips. Intended for use with municipally treated water.

Four Technologies combined into one system

​The secret of Carico’s ULTRA TECH unparalleled effectiveness is its unique “Multi Stage Filtration Cartridge”, utilizing a series of micro filtration devices and special absorbent compounds which are strategically layered for optimum results.ed water.

The world’s first and only shower filter that softens and cleans your water!

Soft’n Clean’s advanced technology and combination of water softening resins and KDF chlorine reducing material attract and hold the magnesium, calcium and other minerals that cause hard water problems.

Enjoy the benefits

• Healthier, younger looking hair and skin

• Relief from dry skin and scalp irritations

• Reduced exposure to harmful contaminants

• Reduced consumption of soaps, conditioners & shampoos

• Less fading of color-treated hair

• Reduced scale and scum on tubs, glass & shower enclosures

• Adjustable massaging Miracle Flow™ showerhead




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